3 Ways to Successfully Attract Younger Women

A lot of men want to know how to successfully attract younger women. As men get older they seem to want to go for someone younger.
The first reason being that it revitalizes them and makes them feel more energized. The second reason is because we are naturally more attracted to healthier people and age is a big factor in that.
For all the men out there who want to start dating women in their early to mid twenties I will tell you…
3 Ways to Successfully Attract Younger Women
1. Change Your Style
If you want to start attracting a younger generation then it’s important to dress a little more hip. Remember, you don’t want to overdo it or else you will look like a fool. Instead, check out the latest GQ magazines or even check out what some male celebrities are dressing. Those ideas will give you a younger and a more fresh look.
Furthermore, shave off your beard and/mustache. The key to attracting younger women is to look as young as you can. If you’re balding then go ahead and shave off the entire scalp. Again you want it to look as fresh as possible.
2. Remove the Defeating Beliefs
A lot of men feel they aren’t “worthy” of a younger woman. They tell themselves they feel ridiculous talking so someone so young or they “feel old”. Women are very intuitive creatures and will pick up on those internal thoughts. And your thoughts tend to come out in the things that you do.
My best advice is to re-frame your thinking and start believing that it’s possible for you to accomplish such a task. Men around the world are dating younger women all the time.
Why can’t you?
3. Embrace Your Masculinity
The most attractive trait you have as a man is the fact that you are a man!
What does this mean?
Women are attracted to your alpha male features. This means you need to be confident, be in control, take the lead, be non-reactive to a woman’s tests and most importantly own up to your faults.
One of the reasons why women go for older men is because they are mature and have strong character. As an older man we have grown into ourselves and can take care of the obstacles in our life. Younger women find this extremely appealing. So, the next time you see a younger woman, don’t hide your age and be real with the things you say to her. You will be surprised on how it will turn out.
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